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Homemade Chorizo Breakfast Burritos
rustic bacon egg breakfast sandwich bun
Colorful fruit skewers
Vegan Cookies
Breakfast Cheese Burrito

a la carte ​breakfast


Mini Bagel ​Sandwiches


minimum order = 24

sandwiches & Burritos

minimum order = 10

Egg & Cheddar $6.50

on toasted brioche or croissant

Bacon, Egg & Cheese $7

on toasted brioche or croissant

Lox & Cream Cheese $10

on plain or everything bagel chopped ​up with cucumber, red onions, capers

Egg & Potato Breakfast Burrito $8

with pepper jack, cheddar, salsa ​verde & salsa on the side

Steak, Egg & Cheese $9

breakfast burrito with salsa on the ​side

Egg & Cheese $5

Bacon, Egg & Cheese $5.50

Lox & Cream Cheese

chopped up with cucumber, ​red onions, capers $7.50

Chicken Sausage & Cheddar ​(no egg) $6

all served on plain mini bagel

all individually packaged or

presented 10 for $30


Hashbrown Patties

Seasonal Fresh Fruit Salad

Mini muffins or pastries (20)

Pre-packaged Yogurts

a la carte ​breakfast

sketch egg

Egg Bites


Tasty Muffin Illustration

made with gluten free ingredients

Banana Nut

Lemon Blueberry

Morning glory (gf & vegan)

White Cheddar & Scallion

Bacon, Egg & Cheese

Broccoli Cheddar Bacon

Rosemary Ham & Gruyere

Three cheese

one dozen = $48


minimum order per flavor = 8 egg bites

minimum order overall = 16 egg bites

96oz Coffee Carafe with cups/lids ​(serves 8-15) $65

Carafes of Fresh Squeezed Orange ​and/or Grapefruit Juice

(96 oz, with cups, serves 12-15) $60

Juice Variety Pack

24 single serve, delivered cold $30

Case of 48 mini water bottles $15

16 = $52; 32 = $96; 48 = $132


made with gluten free ingredients

Roasted Strawberry & Quinoa ​mini parfait with honey yogurt

Mixed Fruit

mini with vanilla yogurt, kiwi, ​strawberry, blueberry

Good Morning Latte

mini parfait with coffee yogurt & ​chocolate

$5.50 each, minimum order = 20

a la carte

lunch menu


$12 each, minimum order = 8

Turkey & Havarti - hand carved turkey breast with ​oregano red onions, dijonnaise & mixed greens on ​ciabatta

Turkey Pesto -- hand carved turkey breast, provolone, ​sundried tomatoes, pesto, spinach on ciabatta

Club on Brioche -- turkey, bacon lettuce, tomato, mayo

Ham & Swiss -- with dijonnaise & lettuce on brioche or ​croissant

Monica’s Chicken Salad -- made w/ roasted chicken ​breast & mayo based dressing on ciabatta

(made with dairy free ingredients)

Veggie -- cucumber, sprouts, sundried tomato, seasoned ​red onions, mixed greens, provolone, herb cream cheese ​spread on croissant or ciabatta

Grass Fed Steak (add $3 per sandwich) -- tender slices ​of tenderloin, mustard, spinach, on ciabatta

with horseradish aioli dipping sauce

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Salads & sides coming soon!

Please indicate if you would like the

sandwiches cut in half or whole


free Delivery or Pickup Available

Breakfast cookies

$42/ dozen box

ALL oat based

Think granola Bar Meets cookie

Available individually wrapped & labeled

for extra $12/dozen


Egg Bite Combo

Mini bagels, individual cream cheese & ​jellies, egg bites, granola bites

Granola Bar


  • Superfood Cookies
    • w/cranberry, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate ​chips, chia & flax seeds & banana
  • Banana Chocolate Chip
  • Carrot Cake w/ raisins
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter

Build your own parfait: whole milk greek ​yogurt, gluten free granola, mixed ​berries, and organic honey. Bananas on ​the side + individual sized orange juices

All combos come with servingware,

napkins and/or small plates

Coffee Traveler


96oz of medium roast coffee ​with small cups (serves 12-15)

Add cream & sugar packets for $15

La Columbe Canned ​Espresso Drinks


Bottled juices

12 for $30

Mini Pelligrino’s

24 for $35

Mini Waters

24 for $15


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Rustic Bakery Element.


food & Drinks

Rustic Bakery Element.
Rustic Bakery Element.

Serves 12-18


Breakfast Cookie Combo

Homemade breakfast cookies, assorted ​greek yogurts, mini muffins, & bananas

Pastry Combo


Individual assorted greek yogurts along ​with assorted minis of pastries, ​croissants, muffins, and/or others

Coming soon!!

Menu for platters & ​specialty items

Charcuterie also ​available!